3. Ara Sınav - Talking Points



1.Did you go shopping last week? If yes, what did you buy and where did you buy it? 

2. Who is the most generous friend of yours? Why do you find him/her generous?

3.Do you think you spend too much time on the Internet? Why or why not?

4.How can you make a good impression on your first dat at work?

5. Say three things you don’t like doing alone.

6. Say three things you dream of doing.

7.Have you ever spoken to a tourist in English? When and why?

8.Say three things you mustn’t do in class.

9. Say three things you are very bad at doing.

10. Would you like to work /study in another country? Why or why not?

11. What other foreign languages would you like to learn? Why?

12. Tell your last dream.



Do not give memorised answers. Answers that appear memorized will not be given full credits.